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SEDALCO Joins Forces With 6 Stones for Community Revitalization.

By April 22, 2018 July 31st, 2019 No Comments

Our “Power of Work” team has done a great job getting us involved in worthwhile community service efforts. In April our team joined forces with an organization known as 6 Stones.  Not only does 6 Stones have a Community  Powered Revitalization Program (CPR), it has numerous programs to meet the various needs of people in our community .

We had the pleasure of  working on a home for a sweet couple that were struggling with severe health problems. They were very aware that their home had become an unattractive spot in the neighborhood, but with limited abilities and resources they were unable to make the needed repairs. After demolishing an outdoor deck and staircase, enclosing the area where the door used to be, removing  and replacing rotted boards on the fascia, pulling a few weeds, priming  all the new wood and replacing a bench that adorned their front yard, we called it a day. We felt that there was so much more to do, but the homeowners were thrilled and very appreciative of all we had accomplished.  Another team came the next day to put a fresh coat of paint on the house to restore it’s curb appeal and make the owners proud once again. It was a good feeling to restore a sense of pride for this family, to work along side co-workers and to be a “different” kind of tired when returning home that evening.