Joe C Bean High School Addition

The additions to Joe C Bean High School includes 3 new ground up additions and some exterior courtyard renovations & additions.

Single Connecting Corridor between the existing Davis 9th Grade Center and Joe C Bean HS building just North of the new Library that was installed in 2016.  This section will be a replica of the exterior window wall of the Library and Cafeteria Corridor enclosing a new courtyard for student use during lunch hours.

The 2-story addition that is 40,500 SF includes new classrooms, office space, entrance point from South part of Campus, New Science Labs, Robotics and Computer Labs.  This will be the first 2 Story addition to this campus so it will include a new elevator.

The last addition is a single-story dance hall and weight room.  It is being installed on the East side of Campus next to the new gym and band hall that we constructed in 2016.


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